Premier League substitutions: 6. Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool and Man United played a close but rather dull game at Anfield Road last night (17/10/2016). The Red Devils held the Reds to only 9 shots, their lowest tally in a Premier League home game in the last 2 seasons (the current and last season that is), while they themselves also could not get more than 7 attempts.

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Game states: how much time does each team spent winning and losing

I recently wrote a short piece about Liverpool and how much time they spent games in a drawing state. After having calculated the same statistic for each team in the top-6 European leagues + the Eredivisie (there are probably no valid arguments for the inclusion but I like the league) I noticed that there are much more interesting stats to be found. Just some screenshots and key facts.

Time spent winning

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Liverpool fans have very little time to celebrate

Liverpool have only scored 13 goals in the first 14 matches of this season, they have won no more than three,  lost two and drew an incredible amount of nine matches. That’s very little to cheer for the Liverpool fans. However, the most annoying part is probably the fact that when they do score – when they do take the lead in a game – the happiness never lasts. Here’s the Liverpool-fan happiness scale (or more simply put: the game state during Liverpool´s 1260 minutes so far this season):
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Premier League round 5 preview

Here’s the game day 5 preview in numbers:

There are 7 teams that have not yet missed a season of the Premier League as it was installed in 1992. 4 of them face each other in this 5th round of the 2015/16 season: Man United vs Liverpool & Everton vs Chelsea

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