Game states: how much time does each team spent winning and losing

I recently wrote a short piece about Liverpool and how much time they spent games in a drawing state. After having calculated the same statistic for each team in the top-6 European leagues + the Eredivisie (there are probably no valid arguments for the inclusion but I like the league) I noticed that there are much more interesting stats to be found. Just some screenshots and key facts.

Time spent winning

Minutes per game in a game state
Minutes per game in a game state
  • Highly surprisingly there is no other team in the mentioned leagues that has spent more time in a winning state than Eibar (18th in La Liga 2014/15). They’ve scored five goals in the opening 10 minutes (all in different games) and conceded 10 of their 12 goals in the second halves; that explains something. I also could not believe it so I checked manually: on average they spent 59% of the time winning.
  • Other noteworthy teams are At Madrid (46′), Barcelona (40′), Manchester Unietd (38′) and Arsenal (35′). At the bottom of the table we find Eredivisie side De Graafschap (3′) and 3rd to last Aston Villa (7′).
Time spent losing
Minutes per game in a game state (losing)
Minutes per game in a game state (losing)
  • Sporting Lisboa have not spent a single minute on the wrong side of the scoreboard.
  • Again a surprising appearance for Eibar. In 12 games they only went down against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid
Time spent drawing
Minutes per game in a game state (drawing)
Minutes per game in a game state (drawing)
  • Crystal Palace have only drawn 1 of their 13 matches, however they are the team that have spent most time in a drawing state.: 9 of the 33 goals in Palace’s matches came after the 80th minute.
  • A well-deserved second place for probably the most boring team (we’ll see more later) in Europe: Uniao de Madeaira.
  • Liverpool are 17th in this list with 54,6 minutes
Game state changes per game

This is a table of the average amount of game state changes per game. And this is why I love the Eredivisie:

Game State changes per game
Game State changes per game
  • PSV’s games are crazy. They have gone from a winning to a drawing state in each of their last 8 matches with the game against De Graafschap being the most impressive: from 0-3 to 3-3 to 3-6.
  • No other team have given away a lead as many time as PSV this season.
  • As mentioned earlier, Uniao de Madeira (Ok, I admit it, I haven’t seen a single game of them) seem to have been the most boring ones. On average they change from game state 0,63 times. 5 times that is, in 8 games. Three games ended without goals.
  • Mentions for Man United (1,23), Real Madrid (1,25), Man City (1,31), Arsenal (1,46), Barcelona (1,50) and Borusia Dortmund (1,92).

Taking that statistics per league we get the following table:

Game state changes per game
Game state changes per game


Important note is that the shown time intervals contain injury time played in both halves. The data I used came like this and thinking about it is actually A LOT more accurate than games that alway end after 90 exact minutes following the data.

Note2: all match events I used to calculate the table come from DataFactory


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