Liverpool fans have very little time to celebrate

Liverpool have only scored 13 goals in the first 14 matches of this season, they have won no more than three,  lost two and drew an incredible amount of nine matches. That’s very little to cheer for the Liverpool fans. However, the most annoying part is probably the fact that when they do score – when they do take the lead in a game – the happiness never lasts. Here’s the Liverpool-fan happiness scale (or more simply put: the game state during Liverpool´s 1260 minutes so far this season):

The game state per minute in Liverpool´s matches in the 2015/16 season. The game state starts at 0 again at the start of each new match (extra time and penalties are not taken into account).

As can be seen from the graph above Liverpool do not find themselves in a winning position very often this season. And every time that happens, they are fast to concede a goal again. In total Liverpool have been on the upside of the scoreboard only 229 minutes (18% of the time). On the other hand they were in a losing position for only 151 minutes. They have been drawing basically all the time.

Liverpool game states

As said, Liverpool scored 13 goals this season. In 9 matches that goal meant they went up by 1 goal (all 1-0). They won two of those games by 1-0 (Bournemouth and Stoke City) and one by 3-2 (Aston Villa). In the other 6 matches they went back to 0 (received the equalizer) on average 11,8 minutes later. That is without considering the two goals they received from Aston Villa (both from 2 goals up to 1) which came 7′ and 4′ after goals from Sturridge.

Liverpool game state table
Liverpool game state table


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