Premier League round 3 preview

Here’s the game day 3 preview:

25+ Man United record 569 Premier League victories, more than any other team. And their are 6 teams they have beaten 25 of more times in the 23 season of Premier League football.  They faced one of them in their season opener, Tottenham Hotspur (31 wins after that meeting), another one on match day 2, Aston Villa (33 now), and Newcastle (25) is Saturday’s opponent.

Most defeated opponents of Man Utd
Most defeated opponents of Man Utd

25 losses Logically, Newcastle has thus suffered 25 defeats against Man U. That’s more than against any other opponent in the British Premier League. And in 21 games they have won only once at Old Trafford. That was not too long ago though: in December 2013 they won 1-0 after a 61′ goal from Cabaye. The total H2H for this meeting:

H2H: Man United vs Newcastle
H2H: Man United vs Newcastle

3 to start Manchester United has had a great start point-wise. Football may have not been the best, but against Newcastle they can get their 3th straight victory. But maybe it is better if they don’t.. Four times they have started a Premier League season with 3 wins, and in only 1 of those cases they became champion (2006/07).

Javier  ‘Chicharito’ Hernández scored one goal against Newcastle in each of his last 3 seasons in the Premier League. Among those was his last one, on 5/4/2014.

9 in a row? Manchester City won their last 6 games of the 2014/15 season and started this season with 2 victories, over West Brom and Chelsea. It is only for the 2nd time in history they managed  to win 8 consecutive Premier League games. The last time they amde 8 back-to-back victory was in 2013/2014, before winning the trophy. This weekend they will play at Everton; a win they would break their record. All 14 teams with 9 victories in a row:

Teams with 9 consecutive victories in the Premier League
Teams with 9 consecutive victories in the Premier League

6 without defeats Leicester City have started this Premier League with 6 out of 6 points and counting last season that makes it 3 BPL wins in a row for them. In the last 11 games their only loss came against last season’s champions Chelsea. From the last 6 games they did not suffer any defeats. This weekend they’ll play Tottenham Hotspur. The last time Leicester made it 7 in a row without losing? September 2000, they ended 13th that league.

3,44 goals From all matches that has been played over 15 times in Premier League history this matchup, Leicester vs Tottenham, is the one with the second highest average goals:

Average goals Premier League games
Average goals Premier League games

Considering ALL competitions 26 goals were scored in their last 5 meetings.

Kane scored a hat-trick in the last meeting with Leicester and scored 4 of Tottenham’s 6 goals overall in last seasons 2 meetings between the two. The others came from Eriksen and Schlupp.

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