Messi: 100 games

Messi is set to play his 100th game for Argentina tonight. Some statistics reviewing his (priceless, in both senses) first 100 games at the albiceleste.

Messi won 60 of the matches in which he was present, converted 46 goals and gave 27 assists:

Messi: 100 games
Messi: 100 games

As you can see Messi found the net in 35 different games. Of those games he won 31, he drew 1 and lost only 3. Those 46 goals came against the following opponents:

Messi: goals per opponent
Messi: goals per opponent

A closer look at his average goals per 90 minutes:

Messi: goal average per tournament
Messi: goal average per tournament

Messi currently is the second all-time goal scorer of Argentina, only behind Batistuta but already above Maradona. Considering Messi’s age though, he has done a better job so far than Bati:

Messi vs Argentina's top scorers
Messi vs Argentina’s top scorers

The top-5 goal scorers in a graph comparing their goals with their age:

Argentina's top 5 goal scorers
Argentina’s top 5 goal scorers



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