Primera División (Argentina): strength of opponents faced and complete fixture

River Plate and Tigre played their postponed encounter last week, so all 30 teams have now played the same amount of games again: 16. In fecha 16 Boca Juniors regained the lead of the Argentine Primera División, because  San Lorenzo couldn’t beat Unión. Unión thanked Malcorra for his FIFTH free kick goal of the season. River Plate, with 4 draws in the last 5 games, meanwhile climbed to the third place after a heavy loss for Racing (0-3 at Newell’s). Los Millionarios won only 1 of their 5 encounters, strangely enough against the highest placed team of the 5 opponents (Rosario). It is a weird competition.

Due to the amount of teams (30) in the league the schedules of the different clubs have so far been rather divergent. To make those differences a bit more clear I created a few tables with some extra info.

Summing all the points of the opponents a certain team has played we can conclude that, after gameweek 16, Rosario Central, Tigre  – both surprisingly in the top of the table – Banfield and Boca Juniors have had the ‘easiest’ opponents of all teams in the league. On the other hand there’s River Plate’s fixture which has been one of the toughest of all clubs.

Primera Division fixture stats

The opponents that Boca Juniors have faced gained only 309 points so far (second to last column in table) comparable to those of Rosario Central (316) and Tigre (310). San Lorenzo’s fixture is ‘worth’ 337 points and that of River Plate 379. Aldosivi (394) and Independiente (386), both in the middle of the table, have had he toughest fixtures of all 30 clubs. Both teams have played 9 out of the 10 teams in the top of the table.

Here’s the full schedule of the Primera División (Home and away games are taken into account, “xx” are games that will not be played, and “…” the one that still have to be played):

Full table fixture Primera Division

An extra column can be added combining the points of rivals faced while taking into account if the team won, drew or lost against that opponent:

  • summing the rival’s points for a win
  • gaining half (0,5) of the rival’s points for a draw
  • gaining 0 points for a loss

This system is used as a decider in chess tournaments (Sonneborn-Berger score) where players have the same amount of points AND have had the same strength of opponents (system as used before). River Plate stands out at the ‘best’ team in that case and Independiente 8th:

Primera Division alternative tables


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