Real Madrid transfers: nationalities

The 2015 winter transfer window is open and Real Madrid is – so far the only team – spending again! A very short update on an earlier post on their transfer expenditures since 2000.

With the transfers of Ødegaard and Lucas Silva, Real Madrid has now spent almost €1.5 billion on signings since 2000 (they are only €37.5M short..). Lucas Silva was the 10th Brazilian to transfer to Real Madrid in this century and Ødegaard, obviously, the youngest and first Norwegian player.

In the table below an overview of the transfers per nationality with corresponding fees:

Real Madrid transfers per nationality
Real Madrid transfers per nationality


A list of some impressive records since 2000:

  • Most expensive player: Gareth Bale (€94M, value according to, but generally considered most expensive football player in history)
  • Most expensive defender: Pepe and Coentrao (€30M)
  • Most expensive midfielder: James (€80M)
  • Most expensive attacker: Gareth Bale (€101M)
  • Most expensive player to never score: Casemiro (€6M, 25 games)
  • Most expensive player to only stay 1 season: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (€27M)
  • Cheapest player to play 50+ matches: Santiago Solari (€3.5M, 204 games)
  • Cheapest player to score 10+ goals: Santiago Solari (€3.5M, 25 goals)
  • Cheapest player to score 50+ goals: Gonzalo Higuaín (€12M, 119 goals)
  • Biggest gain on player who stayed 2 years or less: Michael Owen (€ 13M)
  • Biggest loss on player who stayed 2 years or less: Arjen Robben (€ 12M)
  • Youngest player bought: Ødegaard (16.0 years old – Strømgodset IF – 2015 – €3M)
  • Youngest player to cost over €20M: Fernando Gago (20.4 years old – Boca – 2006 – €20.5M)
  • Youngest player to cost over €30M: Isco (21.4 years old – Málaga – 2013 – €20.5M)
  • Oldest player to cost over €20M: Zinedine Zidane (29.2 years old – Juventus – 2001 – €74M)
  • Club with highest amount of fees received from RM: Manchester United (4 players – €159M)
  • Club with most players sold to RM: Manchester United and Liverpool (4 players)
  • Nationality with highest transfer value: Portuguese (6 players – €247M)
  • Non-Spanish nationality with most players transferred to RM: Brazil (10 players)

(Note: all transfer fees originate from Loan fees (e.g. Adebayor) are not included in the data, and all transfers are considered to have been closed on the 31/aug of the corresponding year)

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