PDO of all teams in Big 4 Leagues, Ligue 1 and the Eredivisie

Having integrated a lot of data for the previous post, I decided to calculate the PDO of teams in the 6 discussed leagues: the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, the Serie A, Ligue 1 and the Eredivisie.

The PDO is a team index based on shot accuracy (goals per shot) and save rates (saves per shot on goal received) and tries to discrimate between good and bad luck. Of course there is also some skill involved but historic data has shown that in general there is not so much difference between the conversion rates of various (individual) strikers, The calculation of the PDO is done like this:

PDO = 1000 X (Shooting % + Save %),

Shooting Percentage = goals / shots on goal
Save Percentage = Saves / Shots on goal faced

Better explanations can be found in an interview with ´founder´ Brian King, here,and one of the forerrunnes in football stats analysis,11tegen11, here.

This is meant to be a short post, with only an overview of all PDO rates for the teams of the 6 mentioned leagues, so here we go:


La Liga and the Premier League:

Where it says RPpG it must say PDO (I promise to change this later ;))

PDO england premier leagueand la liga  spain


The Bundesliga and the Eredivisie:

PDO bundesliga germany and eredivisie Nederland

Ligue 1 and the Serie A:

PDO Seria A Italy and Ligue 1 France

(Note: all data comes from WhoScored.com)

(Note2: I found an inconsistency in some of the shot data – the sum of shots on goal and the sum of shots on goal faced was a little bit off (by 5-10) for some league – for which reason the total average of PDO is not 1000, but 988-1001. Any help on where I went wrong is welcome!)

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