The 10 hottest prospects in the Argentine Premier League

The losing finalist of the 2014 World Cup, Argentina, is one of the biggest football nations in the world. And there are various argentines among the most expensive football players in history:

14. Crespo: €55M
24. Agüero: €45M
29. Veron: €43M
31. Pastore: €41M

Real Madrid spent €114M on Argentinians as of 2000. And recently they signed James and he became the most expensive player ever to have played in the Argentine premier league (Banfield, 2008-10).

Having lived in Buenos Argentina for the last 1.5 years, where every single Primera División match is broadcasted on the public channel, I got my fair share of Argentine football. In general the level of both the local league as well as the Champions League equivalent “La Copa Libertadores” is not among the highest I have seen, but taking the previous list (which did not even include the likes of for example Tevez, Saviola, Higuaín, Di María, Batistuta and Maradona) into account I think it is worth to make a post about the 10 most promising players from last season’s (’13-’14) data and observations! All players are under 22 at the moment of writing.

10. Jorge Correa (Vélez Sarsfield) – 21.6 years old – forward

9. Joaquin Correa (Estudiantes) – 20.0 years old – midfielder

8. Matias Kranevitter (River Plate) – midfielder

7. Jonathan Calleri (Godoy Cruz, now Boca Juniors) – 20.9 years old – forward

6. Erik Godoy (Tigre) – 21.0 years old – defender

5. Luciano Vietto (Racing) – 20.7 years old – forward

Goals and skills:

4. Hector Villalba (San Lorenzo) – 20.1 years old – forward

70 meter dribble and goal:

3. Ramiro Carrera (Arsenal) – 20.8 years old – midfielder

Header goal:

2. Eder Balanta (River) – 21.5 years old – defender

Defending skills:

1. Gabriel Graciani (Estudiantes) 20.7 years old – midfielder

Rocket goal:


(Lanzini, Correa, Mussis, De Paul and Zucculini, originally placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th in this list, have already been transferred out of the league)

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